—  nrf24l01+ based 2.4Ghz module test.  —

nrf24l01+ Documents:

  1. Official Document
  2. Range extension DIY
  3. Arduino Tutorials:  X, Y, Z
  5. scanner:


  1. The test code is from
  2. nrf24l01 support 1mbps and 2mbps mode,
  3. nrf24l01+ support 250kbps, 1mbps and 2mbps mode.
  4. All example here use nrf24l01+ in 250kbps mode.
  5. PA+SMA module can further extend range.

Simplified Code:

Tutorial and test code is originally from this youtube tutorial:

My modified version of code :!AoQec3B3H5PMvgPwxzj8DEyq2WwX

Test Result:

unmodified version of nrf24l01 will able to cover a 2500 sqft house. But with simply add two antenna, it became possible. Detail can found at here: